31 Oct 2012

Skinetex Coupon!

Looking for a professional grade kinesiology tape? Want to support a locally owned company? Skinetex is based out of Vancouver, B.C. and I have found their product to far surpass any other kinesiology tape company, as it lasts longer and does not cause me to itch. I also love the choice of colours. Try them today!

Go to www.skinetex.com and when you enter lbrown20 as a coupon code at checkout, you will receive 20% off all products!

I am involved with the Skinetex Team Athlete Commercial Program. It is designed to mutually benefit both Skinetex and its Athlete. By promoting and selling Skinetex products, I can generate my own income. Every roll you purchase using my unique discount ID, I get commission. Help me, help you

My first run in three years, Skinetex to the rescue!

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